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Modern (Wedge Head) Siamese Cats Designer Cats?

The Siamese History & Characteristic (1)

The Siamese History & Characteristic (2)

Identifying The Parts Of A Cat

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Siamese Grooming Tips

Registration & Breeding Glossary

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More Siamese Knowledge

What is a pure bred (pedigreed) Siamese (Modern Siamese)?

In CFA, our Breed Council rules stipulate that a pure bred (pedigreed) Siamese cat (Modern Siamese) eligible for registration in CFA must present an 8-generation pedigree that consists ONLY of registered Siamese. This means that on an 8-generation pedigree, each cat has only purebred, registered Siamese for its direct ancestors. In some other registering organizations, cats that show Colorpoint Shorthairs (tabby/lynx points, red/cream points, or tortie-points) or Oriental Shorthairs on their pedigrees are still registered as Siamese. This is called a phenotypical registry, or one where the cat is registered according to what it looks like, not according to the cats on its pedigree. In CFA, which is a pedigree-based registry, in addition to presenting a pure, 8-generation pedigree, a Siamese may only be seal point, blue point, chocolate point, or lilac point. These are the four classic colors of Siamese.

Why do CFA Siamese only come in four colors?

In addition to the above rules, for many decades, CFA has only accepted the four traditional, or classic, colors of seal point, blue point, chocolate point, and lilac point. These four colors are considered to be the only naturally occurring colors in the purebred Siamese. Patterns such as lynx or tortie, or solids such as red or cinnamon, are evidence of hybridization, and are thus not accepted. Cats exhibiting these colors are considered part of one of the hybrid breeds developed by using the Siamese initially.



body even pale fawn to cream, warm in tone, shading gradually into lighter color on the stomach and chest.  Points deep seal brown. 

  • Nose leather and paw pads: same color as points.

  • Eye color: deep vivid blue.


body ivory with no shading. Points milkchocolate color, warm in tone. 

  • Nose leather and paw pads: cinnamon- pink

  • Eye color: deep vivid blue.


body bluish white, cold in tone, shading gradually to white on stomach and chest. Points deep blue. 

  • Nose leather and paw pads: slate colored.

  • Eye color: deep vivid blue.


body glacial white with no shading. Points frosty gray with pinkish tone. 

  • Nose leather and paw pads: lavender pink.

  • Eye color: deep vivid blue.

A truly distinguished (Pedigreed) breed

Our CFA Siamese have a long and valued history in the Cat Fancy. Ours is one of the oldest naturally occurring breeds and has historically been one of the most beloved. Our breed has contributed to the establishment of at least seven other breeds (the Ocicat and Havana Brown, while not true hybrid breeds, were developed by using Siamese, among others) and the Siamese (Modern Siamese) has provided outcross support to others. This distinguished standing of the Siamese is what motivates CFA breeders to work to continue to maintain the sanctity of the breed's purity by insisting on the continuation of the 8-generation pedigree registration and being ever-vigilant in our efforts to protect our breed from the encroachment of those who don't respect or understand its contributions to the purebred cat world.

What are some of these hybrid (Non Pedigreed) breeds?

The most common and popular hybrid breed of the Siamese is the Oriental. This breed, originally only in a shorthair version, was developed to imitate the Siamese in type and personality but to come in a myriad of colors and patterns. At the present time, there are well over 350 different color/pattern combinations possible in this breed. The longhaired version of this cat is called the Oriental Longhair and presents all the same color variations as does the Oriental Shorthair.

Another popular hybrid of the Siamese is the Colorpoint Shorthair. These cats also have the Siamese type and personality, but only come in lynx point, tortie point, and red/cream point (and in only the 4 classic Siamese colors, plus the red factor).

The Javanese is a longhaired version of the Colorpoint Shorthair, presenting the same colors and type, but it is a separate breed.

The Balinese is often mistakenly called a longhaired Siamese. It is a separate hybrid breed. It, too, imitates the Siamese type and personality, and comes only in the four classic Siamese colors.

The Tonkinese, which is a result of a cross between Siamese and Burmese, is a hybrid breed which bears little resemblance to the Siamese. It is a moderate cat midway between the two original breeds.

Valere Hull, September, 2003

Mr. Milky, Modern (Wedge-headed) Siamese Cat.
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Ms. Dove, Modern (Wedge-headed) Siamese Cat.

Modern (Wedge Head) Siamese Cats 
Designer Cats?

As the Siamese evolved over the years, some fanciers and breeders showed a preference for cats with triangular heads and long slender bodies. Breeders refined cats with narrow eyes, large ears and wedge shaped heads. This Modern, or Show variety of Siamese proved very popular with show judges, and in the 1950's became the accepted standard.

Some breeders unable to enter the Traditional Siamese, stopped breeding them. By the 1960's Modern (Wedge Head) Siamese cats had all but eclipsed the Traditional, and when the public thought of Siamese cats, it was the Modern variety that sprang to mind.

Happily the Traditional variety is making a healthy comeback, and is proving very popular as a pet, although still not recognized by most cat associations. The outcome being that today we can enjoy the beauty of two distinct varieties of Siamese cats, the living cat art.

Modern (Wedge Head) Siamese cats are medium in size, long and slender but muscular. Males are in general larger than females. The Modern Siamese has a tapered, or wedge shaped, head with a flat skull. Very distinctive slanted blue eyes (not crossed), and large triangular ears. The necks of Modern Siamese cats are very long and slender. The variety has long slim legs, back higher than the front, the paws are small and oval shaped. The tail should be long and thin, tapering to a point, not kinked.

Modern (Wedge Head) Pure Bred (Pedigree) Siamese.

A prominent feature of both Traditional and Modern Siamese cats is the distinctive coat pattern known as colorpoint. At birth, Siamese kittens are pure white. The breed has a gene that is heat sensitive and the "points" of color develop with time on the cooler parts of the cat's body. These are the face, tail and paws. Siamese cats generally darken with age as the whole body gets cooler. The coat of the Siamese is short and close lying.

It is not true that Modern Siamese cats are cold and aloof, and are possessed with a "We are Siamese if you please" personality. Some are but, like all breeds of cat, they are individuals. Most have affectionate inquisitive personalities, even if the Modern is likely to be more independent than the Traditional.

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Mr. Milky, Modern (Wedge-headed) Siamese Cat.
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